Brünnhilde in GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG Excerpts

Vienna Philharmonic

“Melton, who was outstanding singing Brünnhilde alongside Eric Owen’s Wotan with the New York Philharmonic in January, was superb again. She sang with a ringing, vibrant tone, and a way of phrasing that was natural and ideal. Her characterization was full of human, rather than grandiose, dignity.”
-George Grella, New York Classical Review

“And so it went with the rest of the weekend’s Wagner: compelling excerpts from “Götterdämmerung” on Saturday, with the soprano Heidi Melton giving full, rich voice to Brünnhilde’s Immolation Scene.”
-James Oestreich, The New York Times

"Gergiev’s excitable leadership edged the apocalyptic coda to the Immolation Scene toward brashness, but earlier, in the “Ruhe, ruhe” section, the orchestral sound had receded to a rapt hush. Heidi Melton, the scene’s soloist, was at her best there, her voice emerging solid and true. Through most of the scene, and of her range, Melton produced a warm mezzo-like column of sound."
-Fred Cohn, Opera News