Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

“It is amazing how sovereignly Heidi Melton sings Isolde -- not only the plump middle voice and her effortless high notes, the depths of her soprano is without end. Inspiring. This was an amazing role debut for a young hardly need to be a prophet to predict that Heidi Melton will have a great career.”
-Thomas Weiss, Badisches Tagblatt

“Melton sang her first monologue with vocal richness of detail. She also sang pianissimi with incredibly lyrical qualities, displaying the diversities of her gorgeous and nuanced soprano. In unusual beauty, the voice unfolded in heartfelt emotion with the passage "Er sah mir in die Augen". Without blemish, flourishing in tone, dynamically dramatic outbursts, overpowering the orchestra with sonorous, stunning volume, coupled with dreamlike piani and in the love duet, she displayed an all-embracing, overwhelming vocal focus. Brimming soft, glowing arches gave Heidi Melton the final Liebestod an almost mystical transfiguration.”
-Gerhard Hoffmann, Der Neue Merker

“The formidable role was performed effortlessly by Heidi Melton.  Not only convincing vocally but theatrically."
-Bernhard Doppler, Deustchland Radio Kultur

“The standout of the evening was Heidi Melton, who in her role debut as Isolde sang with a colorful, pleasing and voluminous middle and low voice and reached the highest notes without any effort.”
-Isabelle Steppeler, Badische Neue Nachricht

“The young American Heidi Melton was Isolde: She has an extraordinary voice. Powerful and yet supple. The top of her voice, solid, radiant, luminescent.”
-Thomas Rothkegel, Rhein-Neckar

 “The vocally grandiose Heidi Melton as Isolde plays the role not as a woman who sacrifices her life to save a man, but as a woman who sacrifices herself for an ideal that she and her beloved believed in.  So she sings the role this way and this is why it is so very convincing…The interpretation of the Love Duet, as envisioned by Wieland Wagner, was done great justice by Heidi Melton and Erin Caves in an impressive manner.  Tender lyricism and powerful eruption were highlighted in Heidi Melton’s interpretation… the exceedingly voluminous Heidi Melton sang with much expressiveness and a very secure top.  Rightly so, the lovers were showered with a gale force of premiere cheers from the public."
-Alexander Walther, Der Neue Merker