Third Norn / Gutrune in GÖTTERDÄMMERUNG

Houston Grand Opera

“Heidi Melton, who possesses a Brünnhilde-sized Wagnerian soprano voice, brought vocal weight and insouciant acting to the role of Gunther’s sister, the Gibichung Gutrune.”
-Opera Warhorses

“A fleet of extravagant women joins Goerke in this final installment, beginning with the three Norns—Meredith Arwady, Jamie Barton and Heidi Melton—who twist the strands of fate in the prelude with opulence and ease. Melton also sings the role of Gutrune, the fiancé-stealing Gibichung, and holds her own in voice and presence, dazzling in a shade-throwing match with Brünnhilde that puts any Dallas catfight to shame.”
-Sydney Boyd, Houstonia Magazine

“Though saddled with questionable directorial touches – like putting on lipstick before meeting Siegfried and thumbing through a magazine instead of listening to what's going on – soprano Heidi Melton makes the most out of the scheming Gibichung, Gutrune.”
-D.L. Groover, Houston Press

“As Gutrune, soprano Heidi Melton — who doubled as the Third Norn — came into her own in the final scene. Her voice ranged from hushed foreboding to outcry as Gutrune realized what Hagen’s plot meant to her.”
-Steven Brown, Texas Classical Review

“Amidst expected excellence, it was a pleasure to be surprised Heidi Melton making her HGO debut as an arresting Gutrune. As a pawn in yet another attempt to steal the ring of power, Melton managed beautifully the transition from a shallow girl who would do anything to bed a hero to a mature woman who understands the part she has played in an unfolding tragedy. As power-hungry men devour the world, women hold forth as poignant and ignored truth tellers. Arwady, Barton, and Melton create an extraordinary hymn-like texture as they struggle to sort the tangled ropes of destiny.”
-Joseph Campana, Culture Map Houston