Brünnhilde in DIE WALKÜRE

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

“Between him and Heidi Melton's Brünnhilde, I can't recall the opera's final parting of father and daughter so emotionally intense. Melton had just the voice one wants for Brünnhilde, effortlessly heroic, clear but powerful, and she sang to dramatic effect.”
-Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

“Wagner was not kind to Brunnhilde, calling on her to start the evening at full power in Act II with the first announcement of the famous “Ride of the Valkyries” motif, with a good three hours to go. Fortunately, soprano Melton has a voice with the power of a hurricane and a beautiful quality as well – and the ability to turn her thunderous volume down for heartrending delivery in quieter moments, as in the arresting unaccompanied recitative in Act III. Dramatically, Melton’s finest moment arrived in Act III when she matched her vocal intensity with a frighteningly fine dramatic rendition of Brunnhilde’s transformation from a Valkyrie into a human woman caught in the center of a web of betrayal and conflicting loyalties.”
-Wayne Lee Gay, Texas Classical Review

"Albertson and Melton gave virtually spontaneous interactions an emotional wallop you'd rarely witness in a fully staged production of the opera."
–Scott Cantrell, Dallas News