Sieglinde in DIE WALKÜRE

Canadian Opera Company

“Melton's crystalline soprano provided amazing intensity as Sieglinde, and the duet between the two, which is basically all of Act 1 of Walkure, was riveting. With an enormous orchestra blazing behind them, Melton and Forbis captured our full attention and sympathy.”
-Robert Harris, The Globe and Mail

"In the masterpiece of a first act, Clifton Forbis, Heidi Melton and Dimitry Ivashchenko bring Game Of Thrones-worthy earthiness to their dangerous love triangle, the passions clear and palpable."
-Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

“Heidi Melton (Sieglinde) has a huge and luscious soprano with a very big middle voice, ideal for Sieglinde, a soprano role with an unusually low tessitura. She sang very beautifully on opening night.”
-Joseph So, La Scena Musicale

“Clifton Forbis and Heidi Melton starting the evening with a display of raw emotional and vocal commitment that grabbed us all instantly.”
-Richard Ouzounian, Toronto Star

“American Heidi Melton combined a powerful soprano sound with sympathetic acting as Sieglinde.”
-Arthur Kaptainis, National Post

“The young soprano Heidi Melton brought a big, appealing voice to Sieglinde.”
-Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

"As Sieglinde, American soprano Heidi Melton had an impressively large voice of glassy purity and smoothness…"
-Christopher Hoile, Opera News

“He had a worthy partner in Heidi Melton (Sieglinde), whose middle voice was huge and lovely.”
-Joseph K. So, Opera Magazine