Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

“Heidi Melton is a great Elsa, with clear diction, soul and a powerful voice up to the highest heights.”
-Ralk Carl Langhals, Fränkische Nachrichten

“Instead, in Ryan’s place at the center of the production was Elsa. The still very young American Heidi Melton, who was already a luxurious Dido in Les Troyens in the fall, was a discovery with her dark, pleasant sound that defies classification. Her soprano blooms with ease and power of projection in all registers to the highest levels of emotion and intuition in her singing. At the same time, she played entirely into the vision of biased of love and suffering, the rise of doubt, and a sense of increased urgency in the identity of her husband…”
-Udo Klebes, Der Neue Merker

“Heidi Melton as Elsa offered an equal amount of phrasing and balance. It is impressive that she is a member of the ensemble in Karlsruhe (the same from which Lance Ryan began his international career).”
-Frankfurter Rundschau

“An overwhelming success for Heidi Melton. The American singer who was last seen as Dido in Troyens in Karlsruhe was well-presented. Not only does she sing with perfect articulation, but she is also very expressive in the role of Elsa and makes it entirely her own. Her versatile voice gives us the level of humanity required, but that the production does not support.”
-Christopht Wurzel, Online Musik Magazin

“Soprano Heidi Melton sparked the first act with a brilliant and powerful presence…this singer gave us an impeccable vocal presentation.”
-Tobias W. Pleger, Klassik